Hi !! I'm Eden :) I am at my most comfortable as just words on a screen. I'm a student of liberal arts (something like that) and i'm hoping to get into a comic course next year, because I hope to be a comic artist someday.

I really, REALLY like my ocs and I DO have many thoughts about them that I will desperately try to explain on this website once I get to it.

Also while i'm at it, the website name isn't from stranger things it's from Lemon Demon's Ancient aliens :')

For a bit of backstory, I have to admit I have very little experience with the old web, I was too young for it so I didn't have a phone or computer, by the time I was of age to really get on here it was already pretty much the internet we have currently, I had a Tumblr for a reallyyyyyy long time and learned about neocities there, and now I'm Here!

Find me on :